FLAX SPINNERS AND LINEN THREAD MANUFACTURERS Northern Ireland listed in the World Directory of Flax Spinners in 1955

John Andrews & Co. Ltd., Comber, Co. Down. 14,000 spindles
Spinners of warp yarns suitable for damask, cambric, aeroplane cloth and thread making, also dress linens and quality drill, 16's to 40's combed tow, and 16's to 130's line (Irish wetspun count).  
John Barbour & Co. Ltd., Whitehouse, Belfast . 22,000 spindles
Flax and tow spinners, 16's to 160's (Irish wetspun count)  
William Barbour & Sons Ltd., Hilden Thread Works, Lisburn.  
Spinners of 2's to 40's flax, hemp and tow wetspun and 2's to 20's dry and gillspun. Manufacturers of linen sewing threads, flax and hemp shoe threads, twines and netting.  
The Bessbrook Spinning Co. Ltd., Bessbrook, Co. Armagh . 20,492 spindles
Flax and tow spinners, 16's to 130's (Irish wetspun count).  
Blackstaff Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., 77 Springfield Road , Belfast . Also at Dromolane Mill, Newry.  
Flax and tow spinners and manufacturers of all classes of linen thread.  
Braidwater Spinning Co. Ltd., Ballymena, Co. Antrim. 20,676 spindles.
Spinners of flax and tow, 8's to 40's (Irish wet-spun count).  
Brookfield Spinning Co. Ltd., 333 Crumlin Road , Belfast .  
Spinners of 16's and 30's carded and combed tow, 16's to 150's line and 12's to 20's gillspun yarn (Irish wetspun count).  
Henry Campbell & Co. Ltd., Mossley Mills, Carnmoney, Belfast .  
Flax spinners and linen thread manufacturers.  
Cogry Spinning Co. Ltd., Cogry Mill, Doagh, Belfast 14,000 spindles
Spinners of flax tow and fancy yarns, 10's to 40's lea (Irish wetspun count).  
Doagh Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Doagh, Co. Antrim, and at Ballysillan Mill, Ligoniel, Belfast . 17,500 spinning spindles and 900 twisting spindles at Doagh; 9,600 spinning spindles at Ballysillan.
Flax and tow spinners, 10's to 80's lea (Irish wetspun count).
Dunbar, McMaster & Co. Ltd., Gilford, Co. Down.  
Spinners of 12's to 60's lea line and 12's to 40's tow yarn (Irish wetspun count). Manufacturers of linen machine and sole sewing threads and fishing lines.  
Edenderry Spinning Co. Ltd., 326 Crumlin Road , Belfast  
Spinners of 16's to 30's tow, carded and combed; 16's to 150's line; and 12's to 20's gillspun (Irish wetspun count).  
William Ewart & Son Ltd., 17 Bedford Street , Belfast  
Line and tow spinners and twine manufacturers.  
The Falls Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Conway Street , Belfast . 16,000 spindles
Spinners of 18's to 70's flax and tow yarns (Irish wet-spun count).  
J. & T. M. Greeves Ltd., Falls Road, Belfast . 83,000 spindles
Spinners of flax and tow yarns up to the finest counts, wet and dry spun.  
Hale, Martin & Co. Ltd., Balnamore Mill, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. 12,000 spindles
Spinners of 8's to 100's lea flax and tow yarns (Irish wetspun count).  
F. W. Hayes & Co. Ltd., Seapatrick Mills, Banbridge.  
Spinners of 5's lea upwards (Irish wetspun count). Manufacturers of linen machine threads, Jacquard threads, carpet and bookbinders' threads, cotton machine threads, and bag and glove threads.  
Herdmans Ltd., Sion Mills, Co. Tyrone. 24,000 spindles
Spinners of 14's to 120's flax and tow warp yarns (wetspun) and 12's to 18's gilispun (Irish wetspun count).  
Hill Brown (Textiles) Ltd., Whiteabbey Mills, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim. 800 spindles
Flax and tow spinners.  
Hursts Ltd., Drumaness Mills, Ballynahinch, Co. Down. 10,328 spindles
Spinners of 25's to 40's tow yarns and 70's to 140's line yarns (Irish wetspun count).  
The Island Spinning Co. Ltd., Island Mills, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  
Flax and tow spinners and linen thread manufacturers.  
Philip Johnston & Sons Ltd., Jennymount Mills, Belfast . 34,216 spindles
Spinners of flax line, 30's to 180's, and carded and combed tow, 14's to 40's  
Killyleagh Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Killyleagh, Co. Down. 19,158 spindles
Spinners of flax yarns.  
Lindsay Thompson (Threads) Ltd., Prospect Mills, Belfast .  
Spinners of flax line and tow yarns, 10's to 60's, and manufacturers of flax threads and twists.  
The New Northern Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., 1/13 Falls Road, Belfast . 41,804 spindles.
Flax and tow spinners, 12's to 200's (Irish wetspun count).  
William Ross & Co. Ltd., Clonard Mills, Belfast Flax 15,000 spindles
Spinners, 14's to 60's (Irish wetspun count).  
The Silverford Ropework Co. Ltd., Scarva Road, Banbridge, Co. Down. 900 spinning spindles and 200 twisting spindles.
Flax, hemp and jute spinners, 1's to 20's (Irish wetspun count). Manu­facturers of linen stitching and netting twines.
Thomas Sinton & Co. Ltd., Spinning Mill, Tandragee, Co. Armagh . 11,414 spindles
Spinners of 25's to 40's tow and 25's to 130's line warp (Irish wetspun count).  
R. Stewart & Sons Ltd., Lisburn, Co. Antrim. 5,000 spindles
Flax spinners and manufacturers of twisted and braided linen threads and cords.  
Todd Bros. ( Belmont ) Ltd., Belmont Factory, Banbridge, Co. Down.  
Spinners of 2's to 9's dryspun flax and hemp (Irish, wetspun count).  
Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd., Linfield Mill, Belfast. Also at Grove Mill, Belfast . 33,000 spindles
Spinners of 16's to 130's flax and tow. Manufacturers of all classes of linen thread and twine.  
George Walker & Co. Ltd., Castle Garden Mill, Newtownards.  
Spinners of 6's to 25's wetspun (Irish wetspun count) and to 12 dryspun (Scottish dryspun count) flax and hemp yarns. Manufacturers of shoe threads, seamings and nettings.  
The Whitehouse Spinning Co. Ltd., Whitehouse, Belfast 8,942 spindles
Spinners of 16's to 60's flax line yarns and 12's to 35's tow yarns  
F. Wilkinson & Son (Liscolman) Ltd., Liscolman, Mosside, Co. Antrim.  
Flax tow spinners.  
Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd., Ligoniel, Belfast  
Spinners of flax and tow yarn for all purposes and manufacturers of all classes of linen thread.  
York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Henry Street, Belfast.
And at York Road Mills, Belfast, and Lurgan Thread Works, Lurgan.
Flax and tow spinners and manufacturers of all classes of linen thread  
There were no flax spinning mills in the Republic of Ireland.
Thread and twine were made by:  
Irish Ropes Ltd., Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  
Flax and hemp twines and cords.  
Irish Thread Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 23a Thomas Street, Dublin.  
Manufacturers of all classes of linen thread.  
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