This View taken near Hillsborough in the County of Downe, representing Pulling the Flax when grown, Hooking or putting up to Dry, Rippling or saving the Seed, and Boging or burying it in Water
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After about three months the flax was about three feet high and read) for pulling. It had to be pulled rather than cut because the fibre wens down into the roots.
If the seed was to be saved for the next crop, the flax would be lef for another fortnight or so to mature: this would produce a coarse yarn from the flax. During years when foreign seed was scarce, farm ers were encouraged to save seed but in years of plenty foreign see( was preferred. The seeds were removed by drawing it through a ripple resembling a huge metal comb. Flax had to be retted (soaked in water) for about ten to fourteen days so that the woody core could be softened and removed.

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