MANUFACTURING - from flax to linen edit

In 1985, the Northern Ireland Industrial Development Board published its Task Force Report, which analysed the industry and made recommendations on how it might best develop. Based on this report there has been a fresh approach to marketing and a massive investment in new machinery at all stages of processing.

Spinning mills have installed the most up-to-date preparing systems; Irish Linen today is woven on electronically controlled looms and with the use of computer-aided design. The very latest bleaching, dyeing, finishing and printing equipment ensures that the finished Irish Linen fabrics are unsurpassed anywhere in the world, and meet the demands of the customer in terms of performance and appearance. At all stages, the use of computers is helping information retrieval, controlling processing and giving management the tools to run a modern industry.

By growing flax, man is 'harvesting' solar energy annually and is using the cellulose laid down in the plant to produce Linen textiles of great beauty and elegance, which is yet practical and functional. That's why Linen, the fabric of the Pharaoh's will still be found among the 'top' textiles of tomorrow.

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